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Also you can bring The Sweet Remains into the comfort of your home right now with their award-winning film "The Independents" available to stream NOW On-Demand:

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The Sweet Remains in an award-winning new FILM!!

Inspired by Rich, Greg & Brian's real-life experiences together as a band, "The Independents" tells the story of 3 solo-artists who meet at a crossroads and discover harmony...  Made over several years in between the bands tours and other releases, The Independents debuted at the Santa Barbara Int'l Film Festival where The Hollywood Reporter hailed it "An extremely engaging film.  An unconventional and sharply written script which subverts all the cliches of the star-is-born story.” (More early press here)  It then won the jury prize for BEST FEATURE FILM at the Omaha Film Festival -- and has gone on to win audiences and plaudits at top festivals all over the U.S. and is now available on-demand to enjoy right from the comfort of your home...  100% fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes/ 97% Audience rating!   Watch now on AMAZON!

Chock full of original music by the Sweet Remains, the film is also features cameo performances from RICHARD KIND (as "Granny" the band's manager), JAMES NAUGHTON, KELLI O'HARA, BOYD GAINES, CHRIS SULLIVAN, KEIRA NAUGHTON & GEORGE WENDT.  

Watch the Trailer & more info at TheIndependentsFilm.com.  



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